Propagating Lunaria (Honesty, moneyplant)

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Wed Aug 18 07:22:42 EST 1999


Our lab has started a project using the crucifer Lunaria annua, also known
as moneyplant or honesty. We've found that growth chamber-grown lunaria
has very poor seed set. We are not sure if this is due to lack of an
(insect?) pollinator, due to self-incompatibility or due to some other

We have tried helping the plants along by hand-pollination, although only
as "self" crossings, not cross-pollinations between individuals. This has
met with limited success.

Due to the nature of our experiments, we cannot grow these plants outside
where they could be pollinated naturally but we do need them to set seed.

Has anyone tried growing lunaria indoors for seed? Any information or
leads would be greatly appreciated.

Brian W. Tague
Department of Biology
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem NC 27109

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