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Susan Singer ssinger at CARLETON.EDU
Wed Aug 18 18:55:47 EST 1999

   You asked about the PKAL workshop at the IBC meetings.  I was the
organizer and Jeanne Narum (PKAL) supported and attended the workshop which
met for two consecutive mornings.  David Kramer and Gordon Uno organized a
terrific symposium Tuesday afternoon on botanical literacy.  The goal of
the PKAL workshop was to plan for a 2.5 day conference to be held at
Keystone next summer.  This will actually be an institute with simultaneous
workshops in different fields of science running.  There will be some
common plenary sessions and opportunities to interact with the other
groups, but during the day we will focus on what we can do to enhance plant
biology education.  The focus is on undergraduate education, but is quite
broad.  For example, K-12 issues are addressed through pre-service teacher
training and outreach activities that can involve undergraduates as well as
faculty.  We have identified several areas where we want to develop
workshops and small groups came up with some excellent preliminary plans.
The PKAL faculty 21 participants are preparing a more full length report
and I will pass that on to the plant-ed group.
   If anyone would like to be kept in the loop as the summer workshop is
planned, let me know and I'll make sure to add you to the listserve.
Susan Singer

>I'd like to hear a recap from someone who attended the PKAL workshop on
>plant biology literacy in St Louis a couple weeks ago.  Could you please
>give a summary of the meeting for those of us who could not attend?
>Dave Koetje

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