"Snowmax" natural function

David Brown dbrown at PTLOMA.EDU
Thu Aug 19 18:38:39 EST 1999

	The introduction to chapter one in Tortora is about a bacterial
protein (enzyme?) product in "Snowmax" used in snowmaking machines 
as the "nucleator" to prevent the water supercooling. The protein is
produced by bacteria from plants native to high altitudes.
	My question:  What is the exoprotein's role in the natural
environment? Some articles suggest it was "genetically engineered"
and may not be natural.
	It was discovered during research to find a natural product
to lower the temperature of freezing (I think?) as a method of crop
frost protection. Some frost protection products now marketed are
antibacterials to lower (prevent) natural nucleator microbial growth.
	Anyone have any ideas, citations, etc?


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