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Fri Aug 20 13:02:35 EST 1999

There is an interesting book by Robert T. Pennock that lays out very clearly 
the case and problems of "creationist science".  The implications he lays out 
for the teaching of all science if theistic views are allowed to enter into 
the scientific ciriculum are frightening.  I highly recommend it.

     Robert T. Pennock, 1999, MIT Press
           Tower of Babel.  The evidence against the new creationism.

I will quote one section from his book below.  There was a review of it in a 
recent issue of Scientific American.  

Scott T. Meissner
smeissne at aol.com

Aure Entuluva!

"Scientific naturalism, they say, is an arbitrary, metaphysical dogma, and a 
relativistic, immoral, anti-Christian, atheistic dogma at that.  They impugn 
the intellectual and ethical integrity of any scientist who accepts and 
teaches evolution, asserting that it is a false, evidentially unfounded 
theory, and that science educators know this but promote it nevertheless as 
part of their intentional campaign to defend their cultural power and to 
attack the Christian religion.  We cannot afford to let such accusations go 
without a reply, for they fly in the face of the truth.  I have tried in this 
book to show why the creationists' arguments are philosophically unjustified. 
 I would also submit that their insinuations about the supposedly 
anti-Christian motivations of scientists and science educators are similarly 
      - Robert T. Pennock, pg 371 of Tower of Babel  -

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