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Sat Aug 21 05:09:55 EST 1999

Likely one of the night blooming epiphytic Cereus.  Most are white
flowered, and most have very large flowers.
The genera are:
Hylocereus (called the night blooming cereus)
Selenicereus (called the Queen of the night)
Harrisia (called moonflowers, and jungle apples)

Among these genera are many species with the flowers you describe.  I'm
sending you a photo of a Hylocereus bloom, in a seperate email.  Most of
these plants have similar flowers.
Hope I helped.

Bill_D wrote:

> Please can any body give a hint where to find info on a plant known in
> the Netherlands as "Nachtcactus" (nightcactus) which does not really
> looks like a cactus; the white flowers are open one night only. Heihgt
> of the pant app. 100cm flowers diameter about 10-15 cm , length after
> closing in the morning 30 cm. Any latin name or link to an sexensive
> site with picture are welcome.
> Thanks
> Bill_D

Drop by and see me at :

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