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Bioresearch Online Newsletter
Volume 2   Issue 44
Wednesday, August 25, 1999

This week, the series on cloning vectors continues with a look at a viral
protein that delivers---your protein that is, to any cell in its vicinity.
Invitrogen has incorporated this concept into an expression vector they
cleverly call Voyager.

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***** FEATURED ARTICLES selected by Laura DeFrancesco *****

1) Over-Expressed Transport Gene Leads to Salt Tolerant Plants
2) Genetic Background Determines Response to Estrogen
3) Special Delivery: VP22---Protein Purveyor Through Intercellular Trafficking


1) Over-Expressed Transport Gene Leads to Salt Tolerant Plants
Think of this. One third of the earth’s irrigated land is poisonous to plants
because of high salt content. Researchers at the University of Toronto may have
a solution to this problem--salt tolerant plants.

2) Genetic Background Determines Response to Estrogen
Work that has implications for research as well as medicine was reported this
week in Science by researchers at UC Davis. They found that commonly used mouse
strains bred for various traits, show profound differences in response to
estrogens. This doesn't bode well for mouse models in hormone research, and
questions the whole notion of single-dosing in hormone therapy for people as well.

3) Special Delivery: VP22---Protein Purveyor Through Intercellular Trafficking
And now for something completely different---a vector that will deliver
proteins to cells without the need for micro-injections or even transfection.
The Herpes virus VP22 protein delivers itself (and any peptide or protein fused
to it) to any adjacent cell regardless of the cell type.

******** EDITOR'S CHOICE PRODUCTS ********

1) ER/PR Combo Pack
2) Imaging and Detection System
3) Vector/Gene Biodistribution Studies


1) ER/PR Combo Pack
Zymed's ER/PR combo pack provides mouse anti-estrogen receptor (ER), clone 1
D5, and mouse anti-progesterone receptor (PR), clone PR-2C5. ID5ID5 and PR-2C5
can quantitate amounts of estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor proteins
with an anti-mouse immunodetection system in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded
tissue sections, cryostat sections or cell smears.

2) Imaging and Detection System
Providing quantitative, real-time chemiluminescence detection, NEN Life
Science's Image Station 440CF uses a full-frame capture CCD camera to visualize
scientific samples.  This compact benchtop instrument performs fluorescence and
chromogenic detection, densitometry and quantitative analysis, and general-
purpose imaging of a wide range of sample types.

3) Vector/Gene Biodistribution Studies
Bioreliance’s biodistribution studies are designed to determine how a
vector/gene is distributed in an animal model and where and for how long the
vector/gene is present in the animal’s tissues. BioReliance has developed and
qualified numerous product-specific quantitative polymerase chain reaction
assays in support of nucleic acid-based therapy applications.

The Call for Paper goes on. Take a look and send us your comments.  Tell us why
this concept would work or not for you. And of course, send us your papers!

All comments are welcome. Just drop a line to ldefrancesco at


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