coconuts and period teaching

walter mozgala mozy at JAVANET.COM
Sat Aug 28 16:40:18 EST 1999

To the coconut discussion group,

Unless my old plant  anatomy serves me wrong, the scutellum (part of the
"germ", or EMBRYO), IS THE COTYLEDON.  Unless i've missed some messages,
no one has mentioned Easu???

As the coconut grows, the "big thing inside" is the enlarged scutellum
absorbing the endosperm.

so much for my two coconuts worth

walter m

ps. ... On the teaching side of things, has anyone tried doing a lecture
on Darwin, or some other botanically important figure, in period
dress??  It seems to me that that sort presentation might turn students
on to what many consider ancient (not hip-hop).

Any experience or suggestions welcome

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