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Albert W. Ruesink ruesink at INDIANA.EDU
Tue Aug 31 10:01:24 EST 1999

   In a situation like this one, I would try to devise an exercise that
does something more than explore pH, which doesn't involve unique
characteristics of plants.  For instance, for situations where some
microscopes are available, I have developed a hands-on project-oriented
exercise that utilizes living plants of various sorts and asks students to
explore where water flows in these plants using eosin dye as a marker and
where energy is stored using iodine stain to identify it.  This exercise
is mostly a leading series of questions.  Students each pick one and
explore it.
                                           Al Ruesink

On 30 Aug 1999, Jim Perry wrote:

> Well, I'm one of those people that cannot say "no" and figure I need to be
> involved in high school linkages, so I have agreed to do two 50-55 minute
> sessions of "non-trivial" hands on botany. The students are talented,
> taking  "Bio. 2", and are mostly seniors. They can take the AP exam after
> completing the high school course. They probably will have had no botany at
> the time the activity takes place (early November). They are using  a
> college text -- Starr and Taggart.
> Any suggestions for a "hands-on, non-trivial" experience that we might be
> able to do in 50 minutes?
> jim
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