Books on Experimental Plant Nutrition ?

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Are you interested in setting up a hydroponics system or do you need a reference type book?  If you want to learn how to set up a hydroponics system to study plant mineral deficiencies, the "Preparation Guide for Laboratory Topics in Botany" by Eichhorn, Perry and Evert gives an excellent step by step procedure in Topic (chapter) #29 "Inorganic nutrients required by plants."  Please note this is the prep guide not the actual laboratory manual.  The lab manual is titled "Laboratory Topics in Botany" by Evert & Eichhorn.  Both are published by Freeman & Co.  The ISBN # for the prep guide is 1-57259-606-6.

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>>> Georgios Liakopoulos <rocket at> 12/02 12:29 PM >>>
I am working my PhD on plant nutrition (boron deficiency in Olea europaea)
and I could use a book on how to use hydroponics to study plant physiology.
The only one I have is "Sand and water culture methods used in the study of
Plant nutrition" writen by E.J. Hewitt. It's a fine book but rather old
(1952). Any sujestions ?
Thanks for reading
Georgios Liakopoulos
Agricultural University of Athens
rocket at 

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