competition between plant species

mmphillips at STKATE.EDU mmphillips at STKATE.EDU
Fri Dec 3 09:40:41 EST 1999

 Your best bet is to use a journal index or database that indexes articles in
academic journals (such as BasicBiosis or Agricola which are usually accessed
via FirstSearch, or Expanded Academic Index through InfoTrac).  Many of these
are on-line, but should not be confused with Internet search engines (such as
AltaVista, Yahoo, or HotBot) which search for web sites.  You DON"T want
websites, but need academic research which is found in journals.

The important thing is to use the right keyword in your search.  Most likely you
won't find the exact same experiment -- but by using 'plant competition' or
'competition' and one or several of your species names you should find something

Get help from the reference librarian in your library.  They can show you how to
access the journal databases available at your school.    Ask if you have access
to JSTOR.  Several ecology journals are found in JSTOR and the nice thing is
that these go back to the first volume (i.e, it is archival) so you can find
really early work which may better match the kind of experiment you are doing.

Good luck,
Martha Phillips
Biology Dept.
The College of St. Catherine

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