Alabama/Oklahoma Text Disclaimer

Conley, Terry tconley at
Fri Dec 3 10:24:14 EST 1999

Dear Plant-Edders:

No doubt most of you are aware by now of the recent decision by the Oklahoma
State Textbook Committee to follow Alabama's lead and require that an
"evolution disclaimer" be attached to the cover of biology texts used in
secondary schools.

One of my colleagues sent me the following website, where the text of an
address by Richard Dawkins is posted.  Dawkins does an excellent  job of
deconstructing the disclaimer statement.  A bit lengthy but well worth
reading, IMHO.

Regarding the recent "spate of spam" on Plant-Ed, hitting the delete button
doesn't require much energy output, and fretting over it is a waste of
valuable neurotransmitter. I personally classify the spam as "small stuff,"
and I don't sweat the small stuff.  Plant-Ed is too valuable of a resource
and I will maintain my subscription.



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