Source of animations

Beverly Brown bjbrown at NAZ.EDU
Sun Dec 5 17:51:54 EST 1999

Since I had several requests for the source of the animations, I'm
reporting to the list.

The best animations I've seen are from McGraw-Hill, Life Science
Animations, Visual Resource Library, Ver. 2.0.  It is a 2 CD set and
heavy on the human systems animations, but very good for other segments
as well.  These animations are 3D, but the background is black with
subsequent difficulties as I mentioned.  I also use the animations from
Instructor's Presentation CD to accompany Biology, 5th edition by
Campbell, Reece and Mitchell.  The animations are 2D and the voice over
is distractingly scratchy.  But they do help students get the concepts.
A colleague here also mentioned that there are animations to accompany a
text by Mador (text unknown to me) which are also quite good.  Just
about any text these days seems to have a virtual library ancillary and
most have animations included.  I would suggest checking with your text
rep and seeing what they have.

I have yet to find a good source of botanical animations, other than
Larry's, and would love to hear if anyone knows of good ones.



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