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Robert C. Hodson hodson at UDEL.EDU
Mon Dec 6 10:17:26 EST 1999

There is nothing like hands-on experience.  We are fortunate enough to
have been able to purchase some Qubit Systems Inc packages for
photosynthesis.  In the course of looking for ways to use it in group
projects we tried closing the system, i.e. using recirculated air.  In
light the CO2 concentration dropped significantly from around
350 ppm to a low value in the range 9 to 90 ppm (depending on C3 or C4
plant and how active photosynthesis was, which is influenced by stomatal
physiology).  When the light was turned off the CO2 concentration rose
immediately and rapidly.  This protocol was used this fall with a
select group of students (honors) who now clearly understand that
respiration occurs and all the time, and it will be incorporated into
investigations with all students next time around.  For those institutions
who can not take this laboratory approach, perhaps the experiment could be
animated or video taped for presentation in a class (lecture) setting.
Steve Hunt (Qubit Systems Inc VP), is this something we could do?
Bob Hodson
Department of Biological Sciences and University Honors Program
University of Delaware
hodson at

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