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david walker david at ALEGBA.DEMON.CO.UK
Tue Dec 7 09:54:04 EST 1999

Copy of text of Email to Amazon (feedback at Dec 7
You list two of my books as out of print. On the contrary both are readily
available, in paperback, from distributors who also have outlets in the
United States

Hansatech Instruments Ltd (richard at
        Narborough Road,
                King's Lynn,
          Norfolk PE32 1JL


Packard Publishing Ltd
16, Lynch Down
West Sussex
PO18 9LR

(Fax/phone)+44 1243 537977

The books concerned are

WALKER DA 1988 The use of the oxygen electrode and fluorescence probes in
simple measurements of photosynthesis. Second Edition.  Oxygraphics
Limited, Sheffield. pp 1-145


WALKER DA 1992  Energy, Plants & Man (2nd Edition)  pages 1-277
Oxygraphics, Brighton

A limited number of copies of

EDWARDS GE,  DA WALKER  1983  C3,C4, Mechanisms, and Cellular and
Environmental Regulation of Photosynthesis,  Blackwell Scientific
Publications Ltd Oxford.  pp 1-542

may also be available from Packard Publishing Ltd (above)



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