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Tue Dec 7 12:20:25 EST 1999

OK......	So you've got your web site up... and you were smart enough to
register it with Search Engines.

NOW all you have to do is SIT BACK AND WAIT for people to FLOCK to your WEB

RIGHT???        WRONG!!!

The reason businesses are not making money on the Internet is because
people can't find them online.  Right now, the Internet is loaded with
millions of users.  And how do people find things on the 'net?  By using
Search Engines.

Search Engines are the best place to find information and, for a company,
the most effective place to market a business online.  Why?

Because everyone uses the Search Engines to find information and they can
generate unbelievable traffic to your web site.  Once someone locates your
web site using a Search Engine they'll be ready to spend money.

But just being registered with the Search Engines doesn't mean people will
be able to find you.
Your online business is competing with thousands...maybe even millions of
others in the same category.

It's a fact that most people only view the first 30-50 listings of a
search.  And, if you're not in that first 30-50, well, forget about being
seen.  Going past 50 is too much work and takes too much time...(try it
yourself!) for the average web user.

Now, we can help you be in the Top 10 Placements of The Search Engines!!!

Unlike other services and software, we'll guarantee you get in the Top
30...right there for everyone to see.  The BMS Group offers Professional
Search Engine Placement Services.  We'll give your company a strategic
advantage on the Web.

We'll make sure:

-	You'll be easily found by Customers
-	Your new placement will increase traffic to your site by volumes
-	Your sales and profits increase
-	You'll build instant status and credibility for your company
-	We guarantee Top 30 Placement for your site.

You can get started for as little as $100.00.  Every day you wait is lost

To learn more, return email with you phone number and best time for our
Placement Specialist to call.

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