Cytokynins in lanolin?

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Tue Dec 7 17:47:36 EST 1999

"Mark D. Spiro" wrote on 7/12/99 9:11 pm

>It is certainly possible to disolve auxins in lanolin for application to
>whole plants.  Are cytokynins, such as benzyladenine or kinetin, also
>soluble in lanolin?  Do they have to be dissolved in ethanol or NaOH first?
>Does anyone have a procedure for this?

my info is that this is possible ....

Kinetin, very sparingly soluble in water. >50ppm not practicable.
Use warm water or dissolve first in alcohol.  Stable esp at low temps.
Then stir this soln. into warmed lanolin.  Preferably do not use the same 
day as it takes time to dissolve.

I'm quoting from Hill, "Endogenous Plant Growth Substances" Studies in 
Biology No 40, Edward Arnold, London 1973

But I'm pretty certain I've followed this protocol in the past.

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