Using Internet Resources to Enhance Learning

Ross Koning koning at
Tue Dec 14 08:17:12 EST 1999

At 4:30 PM 12/13/99, Bernard Brennan wrote:
>Ideas on how teachers/lecturers use the Internet to enhance student
>learning will be greatly appreciated, with thanks, Bernard Brennan

Hi Bernard!

I post lecture notes, comments on reading assignments,
lab handouts, old exams, supplementary materials (copyrighted
articles posted by permission in a password-protected domain
on my website), and students have a "secret pathway" with
password protection to their own grading record in the course.

This has pretty much ended the hassle and cost of replacement
handouts and so on. If I ever had time, I'd put my simulation
labs on the WWW...but I need to learn Java first...and right
now that is just about the lowest priority in my life. But
simple stuff is pretty easy to post and edit and I keep
making small improvements on that.


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