Using Internet Resources to Enhance Learning

David Kirschtel kirschte at
Tue Dec 14 09:32:31 EST 1999

In the past, i've used the net much the same way Ross described (i.e.
syllabus, assigments, lecture notes.....).

Currently, I'm working on a project to develop online curricullum for
Intro Bio. Originally this was to be a substitute for lecture, but the
project has been scaled-back to providing supplemental material. Right
now I'm working on a large biomolecules unit and making heavy use of the
CHIME plug-in. Highly recommend it, well developed but easy to learn
scripting language and great for helping the students develop develop a
sense of 3-dimensionality to chemistry.

There are a few pre-existing simulation packages floating around, either
as cgi or java, so you don't need build stuff from scratch. Also,
Mathcad and Matlab have web interfaces, High Performance Systems is
supposed to be coming out with a web interface for Stella/ithink and
rumour has it there's a java version of Don Alstadts (sic?) Populus
package on the way as well.

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