plant taxonomy practical

Jeremy Pritchard you at somehost.somedomain
Wed Dec 15 06:50:40 EST 1999


Has anybody got any ideas for an introductory practical in plant taxonomy as 
part of an evolution course?  Currently I run a prac on insect taxonomy based 
on RTUs (recognisable taxanomic units - if you would like the schedule email 
me) but would like to include something to complement this. I would prefer it 
to have a sounder basis (ie real taxonomy not RTUs) and hopefully in 
conjunction with the insect practical it would compare and contrast the 
problems of taxonmomy of plants and animal.  Finaly it has to be simple - for 
me not the students, as I am only a humble plant physiologist!!

I will collate and repost any suggestions if people are interested.
Thanks in advance


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