cytokinins in lanolin

P.Clifford P.Clifford at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK
Fri Dec 17 07:28:49 EST 1999

Re the query by Mark Spiro as to whether cytokinins can be added to 
plants using lanolin pastes, the answer is yes.  For example, a 0.1% 
(w/w) BAP in lanolin paste can be prepared by first dissolving the 
appropriate weight of BAP in a minimum volume of 0.5 M KOH and then 
stirring this into the appropriate weight of warm, fluid hydrous lanolin 
(i.e. you need 10 mg BAP for 10 g lanolin).  A reference for this is 
Clifford et al. (1992) Journal of Agricultural Science, Cambridge 119, 71-
78.  You then use the BAP/lanolin paste in much the same way as you 
would with an IAA/lanolin paste as a means of applying the hormone to 
a selected region of the plant so there there is a gradual supply over a 
prolonged period.

One thing to add re this application method is that you really have no 
idea as to the actual concentration being added as you would with 
applying say a 10-5 M BAP aqueous solution.  It's the same argument 
when using say 0.1% IAA in lanolin paste.  In fact, I can tell you that a 
0.01% IAA in lanolin paste behaves no differently than a 0.1% IAA in 
lanolin paste in relation to a promotory effect on elongation of 
Phaseolus hypocotyl lengths depleted of their endogenous auxin.  This 
suggests that the application method has its limitations - all you can do 
is define the amount added in terms of how the lanolin paste was made 
on a weight to weight basis.

Best wishes, Paul Clifford


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