Endangered Plants T-shirts - Discounted

Timothy B. Levine hosstbl at yahoo.bloc.com
Fri Dec 24 13:12:06 EST 1999

Stephen M Jankalski wrote:

> Dear Joseph,
> Didn't you refer to the links for the rest of the story?
> Its an auction at Ebay not a discount offer.

I would consider it a discount.  We posted 13 of these shirts at $4.99 on
Ebay.  If you follow the second you can get to all of them.  We don't expect
any of them to sell for more than the opening bid.  I would have done it as a
dutch auction with a higher quantity, buy we just created the Ebay account for
the company and you have to be on 60 day or have a certain feedback rating to
do this.  These shirts were intended to sell for $19.99, so $4.99 would be a
sizable discount.

> He's a spammer from the Marketing department at Earth Sun Moon Trading Co.
> not a representative from an environmental group.

Christ, it's not like I sent you all e-mails. I made 1 post to seven highly
targeted newsgroups containing people who may be interested and responded to
the replies.

> Here's the original posting.  Nowhere does it say the money will go toward
> protecting endangered species.

Why does it have to?

> Wake up and smell the hustle. In your zeal, you don't realize you are being
> had.

How is it a hustle?  If you like the shirt get one and wear it, if not ignore
my post and move on.  In no way did I ever imply or even intend to imply that
this is anything more than a shirt that may interest the people you frequent
the newsgroups that I posted to.


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