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Jon Monroe monroejd at jmu.edu
Tue Dec 28 10:49:57 EST 1999

Joe, Ted, Bob, Tim, and Stephen,

I am really glad that discussions like this can take place somewhere, 
but I am really sorry that the first message was also sent to 
bionet.plants.education since all of your replies go there as well. 
"Plant-ed", as we call it, is intended for discussions among 
educators about their courses on plants, not for conversations like 
the one you are having.  See our charter at: 
http://www.bio.net/charters/plant-ed.  If you wish to continue your 
conversation we would all appreciated it if you would please delete 
bionet.plants.education from the To: list in your replies.  Thanks 
very much.

Jon Monroe (Plant-ed discussion leader)

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