Endangered Plants T-shirts

Stephen M Jankalski CEREOID at prodigy.net
Tue Dec 28 11:25:16 EST 1999

I agree Jon,

What has made the American educational system what it is today is its
commitment to censorship and trying to put a happy face on problem issues.
Don't think the students are buying it though.

Is it not true that as a result of educators pushing so hard for free
speech, the Kentucky school system has now banned the teaching of evolution
in their schools? It is a sign of the progress that can be made by not
taking a stand.

You should be worrying more about the more serious issues such as student
discipline that can create what happened at Columbine than getting you
delicate sensibilities ruffled over T-shirts.

So you are saying that you have absolutely no interest in teaching values
and concern for the environment and awareness of endangered species?

Those are not topics relevant to education?

It is truly a shame that the original SPAMMER was not aware of such things
and that he caused a discussion that spilled over into your newsgroup.

Jon Monroe <monroejd at jmu.edu> wrote in article
> Joe, Ted, Bob, Tim, and Stephen,
> I am really glad that discussions like this can take place somewhere,
> but I am really sorry that the first message was also sent to
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> "Plant-ed", as we call it, is intended for discussions among
> educators about their courses on plants, not for conversations like
> the one you are having.  See our charter at:
> http://www.bio.net/charters/plant-ed.  If you wish to continue your
> conversation we would all appreciated it if you would please delete
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