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  Dieffenbachia: - Dumb cane. 
  Tender evergreen perennials from tropical America, grown for there foliage and used for greenhouse and room decoration. 
  The large oval leaves spread outwards and downwards from the central stem and are spotted or lined with white or cream. The plants are poisonous in all there parts and are said to have been fed to slaves to render them  dumb for several days.

  The plant you possibly have is Dieffenbachia picta or one of its many varieties. 
  Indoors the plant should not be kept in a bright window.
  It is not unusual for some foliage plants to flower indoors, pinch out the flower tips, as if it is allowed to flower this may weaken it, ideally you want all the strength to go into foliage growth.


  ~ Laurie ~ <clanceys at webtv.net> wrote in message news:23915-3869208A-42 at storefull-158.iap.bryant.webtv.net...
  i have a plant that appears to be flowering. does anyone know what this
  is? the people at the plant shop said this is a non-flowering plant

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