PLEASE HELP with cuttings!

David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
Wed Feb 3 17:37:39 EST 1999

>I would like to take some cutting from a large woody flowering shrub
>bush in my neighborhood.  can you tell me how to do this and what to use
>to have them root and survive.
>Thank you very much for your help!
>Please e-mail me directly.


If you have access to the world wide web (WWW) go to:
Ohio State University's "Technology of Horticulture" page at
You must have Acrobat Reader to read the pages indexed at this site but the
information is excellent.

Also worth accessing:

We start cuttings of Chrysanthemums in our introductory plant biology
course using a commercially available rooting hormone, "Rootone," available
in most garden stores (buy the smallest possible quantity unless you're
"going into the business!")  For mums the hormone is not actually necessary
but you'll get more roots, faster. We like to use a mix that is half
potting mix (ProMix) and half sand.  We keep the cuttings under an
automatic mister in our greenhouse but you can increase the humidity by
putting the cuttings in small pots then putting the pot into a plastic bag.
I would leave the bag open at the top but you can experiment with that.  If
it gets too humid, you'll have problems with mold on the leaves of the

[You might like to try the experiment our students perform:  Treat one
cutting with hormone and use a second cutting that is nearly identical in
size but is not treated.  Stick the cuttings in separate pots and check
after about 3-4 weeks to see which cutting produced the most roots.]

Good luck!

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