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David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
Thu Feb 11 10:28:27 EST 1999

> Can anyone tell me where I can find a web sight with a complete list
>of scientific names for indoor plants?
>  thank you..

Go to the Virtual Garden site at
and click on "Time Life Plant Encyclopedia" then type the name of your
plant into the search engine.  You will be rewarded with information about
other common names, the scientific name, and culture techniques.  Of
course, this is a limited list of houseplants but a full and complete list
would be very large.  This would be a good beginning.  The site also has a
browsing feature.

If you want to check the accuracy of a plant's scientific name you can go
to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System at
This site is primarily for professional plant taxonomists.

Good luck!
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