greenhouse shading

Bill Williams wewilliams at OSPREY.SMCM.EDU
Mon Feb 15 10:07:00 EST 1999

Dear John,

We use the automated shade-cloth system than Jim Perry found too expensive.
We're extremely pleased with it -- works without a hitch, programmed into
the Q-Comm control system (which, by the way, I also recommend very highly,
although the human factors are the pits, so that it shades whenever the
temperature in a particular room gets too high (we have two rooms so
equipped).  We also have double-layer plastic "glazing" that we're very
happy with.  It claims to have a higher transmittance than glass (though
I've not evaluated this claim personally) and we've had no problems with
etiolation, and of course it's much, much tougher.  We have a small but
persistent vandalism problem on our campus (who doesn't?), and I'm sure
we'd have had several beer beer bottles through the glass by now.

Bill Williams

William E. Williams
Biology Department, St. Mary's College of Maryland
St. Mary's City, MD 20686 USA
WEWilliams at

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