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Thu Feb 18 00:25:20 EST 1999

I have quite an extensive collection of books and couldn't find
it in any of them, except for a paragraph about it in one book,
and that one was without a picture.  Do you need to identify this
in a forest?  The only reference I could find was in
_Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs_ (1988/Scott
Cunningham).  You can write to him c/o Llewellyn Publications,
P.O. Box 64383-122, St. Paul, MN, 55164-0383, USA.  All letters
are forwarded to him (as of the books publishing date).  He's
also supposed to have a bi-monthly tabloid newspaper and
participates in seminars and workshops.

(The book stated that this was *_Poison_*)

moellerr at rimu.fri.cri.nz wrote in message
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>Does anybody now where I can find a picture of the
Yohimbe-tree -
>Pausinystalia yohimbe Pierre [ex Beille] (Rubiaceae)? Thanks in
>Ralf Moeller
>Forest Research
>moellerr at fri.cri.nz

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