boycott rainforest products

gypsy gypsy at
Thu Feb 18 13:20:21 EST 1999

halo from new hampshire!

i've been reading this newsgroup for a while, but this is my first
posting...and it is a plea to those of you who are concerned about the
rainforests being depleted and eradicated for the purpose of unneccessary
products; to wit:  "hand-carved mohagany" doo-dads being offered by various
catalogue sales houses.

i've been writing and calling some of these catalogue-houses requesting they
cease and desist selling items made of rainforest woods, whereas the same
items could be made of resin or plastic and present the same look.

if you are interested, one of the most recent catalogue-houses i've been in
contact with is:

Home Decorators (unfortunately, they do not have a website) and their
address is:  8920 Pershall Road, Hazelwood, MO 63042-2809; phone number
(800) 245-2217.

their response to me was less than encouraging, but they also mentioned that
if they received an on-slaught of mail/calls, they would highly consider
discontinuing those rainforest wood products.

i urge all of you to do as i have done and indicate your interest to these
catalogue-houses to STOP killing the rainforests by selling wood products.

thank you for your time.

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