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Mon Feb 22 23:22:44 EST 1999

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>> My Wife loves various varieties of Cacti, and they fair rather well 
>> Although you can buy various soils from the store, she wants me to see
>> anyone knows of a "special" recipie/mixture for them. 
>> Specifically, Christmas Cactus.
>> Any suggestions?
>The most important factor for cactus soil is a high percentage 
>of drainage material (pumice or perlite). The store bought 
>cactus soils do not have enough drainage material. 
>Tell your wife to start with a store bought cactus mix and mix 
>it 50/50 with pumice(if you can find it) or perlite.
>Do not use sand. 

On second thought, Christmas cactus should do quite well in ordinary potting
soil. It grows as an epiphyte in the tropics. It sort of creeps along the tree
trunks, its adventitious roots searching out pockets of detrital soil in

Good luck with it!

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