The best prof meetings for teaching?

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	In addition to professional meetings, it might be to her advantage
to attend
 some of the regional and or national undergraduate research meetings.
This would provide an opportunity to see
what undergraduate students do at undergraduate institutions(and therefore
wha are the level of resources available at such schools) and the faculty
in attendance are those who
take a strong interest in undergraduate activities.  Furthermore, not only
can these faculty offer
insight on these kind of jobs but also they will be the ones making the
choice on new hires.  Some of the
meetings of interest are the Annual National Undergraduate Research
Conference (NCUR) and a variety
of others, often associated with professional societies.
	She might also want to obtain a copy of "Handbook on teaching
Undergraduate Courses-a survival
traing manual' by Gordon Uno which may be available from NSF which offers a
great deal of savvy
advice in job hunting and in understanding how the undergradute
institutions operate.

Gary Kuleck

>I have a talented new PhD student with a strong interest in ultimately
>getting faculty position emphasizing teaching, probably at an
>undergraduate institution. With this in mind, I'd like to have her attend
>professional meetings where she will make the most valuable contacts for
>the job search. I would like to hear your recommendations!
>I usuaIly attend Plant Physiology (abstracts due Monday!), but the
>Botanical Society of America looks good also. Her work is in plant
>physiology with a soupcon of agriculture and a dash of systematics.
>Thanks for your help
>Thomas Bj–rkman
>Dept. of Horticultural Sciences
>Cornell University

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