The best prof meetings for teaching?

David Hershey dh321 at
Wed Feb 24 19:43:13 EST 1999

A plant physiologist who wants meetings that emphasize teaching might
consider attending the annual conventions of NABT (National Association
of Biology Teachers) or NSTA (National Science
Teacher's Association) NSTA also has several
regional meetings each year. NABT has the refereed journal 'American
Biology Teacher' and NSTA has 'Journal of College Science Teaching',
'The Science Teacher', and others.

A major problem with most of the plant research societies such as ASPP
is that they view teaching scholarship as a second-rate activity. They
will let you present a teaching poster at their meeting but they won't
allow you to publish it in their refereed journal.

Another excellent publication for graduate students considering a
teaching career is the 1992 NSF Publication 91-150, 'America's Academic
Future: A Report of the Presidential Young Investigator Colloquium on
U.S. Engineering, Mathematics, and Science Education for the Year 2010
and Beyond." Among other things, it addresses "The lack of support,
indeed, occasional outright discouragement, of faculty achievements in
teaching ..."

David R. Hershey
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