The best prof meetings for teaching?

Wilson Crone cronewil at HVCC.EDU
Thu Feb 25 15:08:14 EST 1999

I would agree with Ken's comments below.  I went to the "low end of the academic
food chain" at a community college, and certainly the major factor in our last
searches was teaching experience.  I think that getting a chance to adjunct and
teach a whole course, not just TA a lab, would really help to make a resume stand
out at a teaching-oriented location.  Bill Crone

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Ken Klemow wrote:

> >I have a talented new PhD student with a strong interest in ultimately
> >getting faculty position emphasizing teaching, probably at an
> >undergraduate institution. With this in mind, I'd like to have her attend
> >professional meetings where she will make the most valuable contacts for
> >the job search. I would like to hear your recommendations!
> >
> >I usuaIly attend Plant Physiology (abstracts due Monday!), but the
> >Botanical Society of America looks good also. Her work is in plant
> >physiology with a soupcon of agriculture and a dash of systematics.
> >
> >Thanks for your help
> >--
> >Thomas Bj–rkman
> >Dept. of Horticultural Sciences
> >Cornell University
> *******************************************************************************
> Which meetings to attend to make contacts for undergraduate teaching job
> search?  Hmm...  How about AIBS, or FASEB, or ASM, or AAAS, or ASZ?
> The point is that a search committee at an undergraduate institution will
> typically be composed of individuals outside the area of expertise of the
> position being advertised.  For example, our last search committee for a
> Plant Molecular Biologist consisted of a Drosophila geneticist, a
> bacteriologist, a mammalian behavioral ecologist, an invertebrate
> physiologist, and a plant ecologist.
> A second point is that, having sat on at least eight search committees, I
> can't recall any situation where contacts made at a meeting had any impact
> on the choice, pro or con.  Instead, we based our selection strictly on the
> meterials supplied by each candidate (CV, letter of application, statement
> of teaching interest, and letters of recommendation), and recommended
> interviews based on those materials.
> If your student wants to pursue a career at a teaching institution, I would
> urge her to get some meaningful teaching experience (being in full charge
> of at least two undergraduate-level courses) before applying for positions.
> Being a T.A. is only a first step.
> Hope this helps.  I'm sure you'll hear other opinions.
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