ASPP the best prof meetings for teaching?

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At 4:10 PM -0500 2/25/99, David W. Kramer wrote:
>I'm glad Susan Singer corrected the record for ASPP!  I was about to say
>that ASPP is one of the leaders in plant biology when it comes to support
>of education.  If you want to learn more, visit
>As chair of the Education Committee of the Botanical Society I have been in
>contact with Susan and other ASPP members and have been VERY impressed with
>their many efforts to support the improvement of science education in
>general and plant biology in particular.  I'll be very pleased if BSA can
>reach that level.  Susan Singer is an important leader in this field and
>I'm glad she spoke up!  Keep up the good work, Susan!

I'll agree that Jon Monroe, Susan Singer, Carol Reiss,
and many more people in ASPP have initiated and are
leading a surge in the organization's focus toward
teaching. This is a relatively recent
the last ten years or so...and so if people haven't been
to ASSP recently, they might not know of this new thrust.

It is true that prior to this, ASPP was a bristly research-
only organization. I have gleaned many teaching ideas
since then from ASPP posters and workshops.  The BSA/AIBS
meetings have also had some excellent offerings and, prior
to this ASPP thrust, was my favorite venue.  I would say
that BSA is still excellent for developmental/structural
teaching interests, but for those with biochem/genetic/
physiological interests, ASPP has also become an excellent
meeting to attend.


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