The best prof meetings for teaching?

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Following Scott's comments, here is another recent resource:

Improving Teaching and Learning in Laboratories
Elizabeth Hazel and Caroline Baillie

Details may be found at:

John Hoddinott.

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>Further Gary's comments, a TOC of Gordon Uno's "Handbook on Teaching
>Undergraduate Science Courses: A Survival Training Manual" is available on
>the Web. The URL is:
>The full text of the book will be available from Saunders College Publishing
>(details are on the webpage).
>One site on the web that would be worth looking at is "How to Get a Teaching
>Job at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution" by Malcolm Campbell, Davidson
>College.  This is on the FASEB server at URL:
>It is too bad that these type of resources are not easier to find on the Web.
>-Scott Russell
>In article <v03130308b2fa10b1ea08@[]>, gkuleck at POPMAIL.LMU.EDU
>(gary kuleck) wrote:
>>        In addition to professional meetings, it might be to her advantage
>>to attend
>> some of the regional and or national undergraduate research meetings.
>>This would provide an opportunity to see
>>what undergraduate students do at undergraduate institutions(and therefore
>>wha are the level of resources available at such schools) and the faculty
>>in attendance are those who
>>take a strong interest in undergraduate activities.  Furthermore, not only
>>can these faculty offer
>>insight on these kind of jobs but also they will be the ones making the
>>choice on new hires.  Some of the
>>meetings of interest are the Annual National Undergraduate Research
>>Conference (NCUR) and a variety
>>of others, often associated with professional societies.
>>        She might also want to obtain a copy of "Handbook on teaching
>>Undergraduate Courses-a survival
>>traing manual' by Gordon Uno which may be available from NSF which offers a
>>great deal of savvy
>>advice in job hunting and in understanding how the undergradute
>>institutions operate.
>>Gary Kuleck
>>>I have a talented new PhD student with a strong interest in ultimately
>>>getting faculty position emphasizing teaching, probably at an
>>>undergraduate institution. With this in mind, I'd like to have her attend
>>>professional meetings where she will make the most valuable contacts for
>>>the job search. I would like to hear your recommendations!
>>>I usuaIly attend Plant Physiology (abstracts due Monday!), but the
>>>Botanical Society of America looks good also. Her work is in plant
>>>physiology with a soupcon of agriculture and a dash of systematics.
>>>Thanks for your help
>>>Thomas Bjñrkman
>>>Dept. of Horticultural Sciences
>>>Cornell University
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