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Sat Feb 27 00:01:55 EST 1999

Two opposing viewpoints have been expressed concerning the
willingness of ASPP to publish articles on teaching in Plant
Physiology.  I suspect the difference of opinion is rooted in
semantics.  As Susan Singer stated, Maarten Chrispeels has said
that the journal welcomes scholarly articles on teaching. 
However, "scholarly" in this sense implies original research in
the teaching of plant physiology.  You know -- the kind that
usually requires experimental and control groups of student
organisms.  In other words, the very useful posters in the
teaching session don't rank as scholarship.  No, they're just
"teaching."  At most they might rate a mention in the education
corner of the newsletter.  

Yes, there are and have been dedicated people on the Education
Committee of ASPP, and things have improved during my 18
years of ASPP membership. Unfortunately, the ethos that David
Hershey so aptly described as "research chauvinism" still can
leave PUI folks in ASPP feeling condescended to, marginalized,
and otherwise demeaned.
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