ASPP the best prof meetings for teaching?

David Hershey dh321 at
Sun Feb 28 01:14:45 EST 1999

It is nice to learn that Plant Physiology is finally going to publish its first
teaching article. Hopefully, it will start a trend and there will soon be one or
more teaching articles in each issue.

Does the same $300 manuscript fee that applies to research articles also apply
to teaching articles? If so, it might discourage submissions because nearly all
other science teaching journals do not charge the author for publication, and
teachers cannot usually get grants to cover publication costs like researchers

I don't remember offhand who the editors were when I made my two separate
inquiries a few years ago but they were both dead set against teaching articles
and made that perfectly clear to me. At the time, I even published a
letter-to-the-editor in the ASPP Newsletter lobbying for the inclusion of
teaching articles in Plant Physiology, but to no avail. I am glad the Education
Committee has made progress after years of effort. It is a shame it had to take
so long for ASPP to do the right thing for education.

David Hershey
dh321 at

Susan Singer wrote:

> David,
>   There is one in press as we speak.  Perhaps you should speak with Maarten
> Chrispeels, the editor of Plant Physiology.  We worked long and hard to
> make sure that high quality educational scholarship would be published in
> Plant Physiology and Maarten is 100% behind this.
> David Hershey wrote:

> >ASPP may have more to offer teachers at their expensive annual meetings
> >but their refereed journal, Plant Physiology, is clearly not teaching
> >friendly. The ASPP website lists the Instructions
> >for Contributors which restricts contributions to Plant Physiology to
> >research papers, i.e.
> >
> >"Plant Physiology is an international journal open to papers of merit
> >dealing with all phases of experimental plant biology. Each manuscript
> >submitted to Plant Physiology must be an original research report that
> >has not been submitted elsewhere ..."
> >
> >To my knowledge there has never been a teaching article in Plant
> >Physiology.
> >
> >It would be nice if ASPP at least put all the ASPP teaching abstracts on
> >their website and gave the authors an opportunity to put their
> >poster/manuscript online as well. It would also be nice if all the past
> >Education Forum's from the ASPP Newsletter were on the website because
> >few libraries carry it.
> >
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