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Dr. Robert R. Wise wise at UWOSH.EDU
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To all,

We are developing a new freshman-level course called "Intro to Biology".
It will be used to introduce biology majors to their chosen field in a
number of ways, from basic study skills to some potential options upon
graduation.  We are collecting a list of books that may be used in the
course.   I am asking the collective wisdom of the Plant Ed newsgroup to
provide me with good botanical titles (as you can see, our virologist
has offered quite a selection of tomes on infectous diseases).  Any


The list so far:


J.B. Hagen (1992) An Entangled Bank: The Origins of Ecosystem Ecology.
M. Zimmerman (1995) Science, Nonscience, and Nonsense: Approaching
Environmental Literacy.


R.H. Anholt (1994)  Dazzle 'em with Style: The Art of Oral Scientific
R.A. Day (1994)  How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper.
C.A. Hult (1996) Researching and Writing in the Sciences and Technology
W. Strunk and E.B. White (1979)  Elements of Style


R. Carson (1962)  Silent Spring.
C. Darwin (1859)  The Origin of the Species.
C. Darwin (1909)   Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle 
R. Dawkins (1976) The Selfish Gene.
P. DeKruif (1926)  Microbe Hunters.
P. Ehrlich (1968) The Population Bomb 
S.J. Gould (1977)  Ever Since Darwin.
S. J. Gould (1980)  The Panda's Thumb.
S. J. Gould (1981) The Mismeasure of Man.
A. Leopold (1968)  Sand County Almanac.
L. Margulis and D. Sagan (1986)  Micro-Cosmos: Four Billion Years of
Microbial Evolution.
E. Mayr (1982)  The Growth of Biological Thought 
P. B. Medawar (1981) Advice to a Young Scientist
A. Sayer (1975)  Rosalind Franklin and DNA 
E. Schrodinger (1956)  What is Life?
C.P. Snow (1964)  The Two Cultures 
J. Steinbeck (1941) Log from the Sea of Cortez
L. Thomas (1974)  The Medusa and the Snail 
L. Thomas (1976)  Lives of a Cell.
L. Thomas (1984) The Youngest Science: Notes from a Medicine Watcher
J. D. Watson (1968) The Double Helix.
E.O. Wilson (1978)  On Human Nature 


N. Angier (1995)  The Beauty of the Beastly
R. Barker (1997) And the Waters Turned to Blood: The Ultimate Biological
W. Biddle (1996)  A Field Guide to Germs
M. Browning and W.R. Maples (1995)  Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Strange
and Fascinatinig Cases of a Forensic Anthropologist
T. Colburn, D. Dumanoski, & J.P. Myers (1996)  Our Stolen Future: Are We
Threatening our Fertility, Intelligence and Survival? -- A Scientific
Detective Story.
R. Dawkins (1996)  River out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life
D. Dennett (1997)  Darwin's Dangerous Idea
R.S. Desowitz (1987)  New Guinae Tapeworms and Jewish Grandmothers:
Tales of Parasites and People
R.S. Desowitz (1991)  The Malaria Capers: More Tales of Parasites and
People, Research and Reality
R.S. Desowitz (1997)  Who Gave Pinta to the Santa Maria?: Torrid
Diseases in a Temperate World
J. Diamond (1997)  Guns, Germs, and Steel.
R. Dubos (1987) The White Plague: Tuberculosis, Man and Society
D. Ehrenfeld (1993) Beginning Again: People and Nature in the New
R. Gallo (1993)  Virus Hunting AIDS, Cancer, and the Human Retrovirus
L. Garrett (1994)  The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World
Out of Balance.
S.J. Gould (1989)  Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of
R. Hendrickson (1999) More Cunning than Man: A Social History of Rats
and Men
H.F. Hudson (1996) The Eighth Day of Creation: Makers of the Revolution
in Biology.
E.F. Keller (1993)  A Feeling for the Organism: The Life and Work of
Barbara McClintock
G. Kolata (1998) Clone: The Road to Dolly and the Path Ahead
M. Konner (1988)  Becoming a Doctor: A Journey of Initiation in Medical
H. Koprowski and M.B.A. Oldstone (1996)  Microbe Hunters Then and Now
J. Lovelock (1995)  The Ages of Gaia: A Biography of Our Living Earth.
R. Marantz Henig (1994)  A Dancing Matrix: How Science Confronts
Emerging Viruses
E. Mayr (1997)  This is Biology
W.H. McNeill (1998) Plagues and Peoples
J.A. Moore (1993)  Science as a Way of Knowing: The Foundations of
Modern Biology
R.M. Nesse and G.C. Williams (1996) Why We Get Sick: The New Science of
Darwinian Medicine.
C.J. Peters and M. Olshaker (1997) Virus Hunter: Thirty Years of
Battling Hot Viruses Around the World.
R. Preston (1995)  The Hot Zone
P. Radetsky (1995) The Invisible Invaders: The Story of the Emerging Age
of Viruses
B. Rensberger (1996)  Life Itself: Exploring the Realm of the Living
B. Roueche (1991)  The Medical Detectives
B. Roueche (1996) The Man Who Grew Two Breasts and Other True tales of
Medical Detection
R. Rhodes (1997) Deadly Feasts: Tracking the Secrets of a Deadly New
M. Ridley (1995)  The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature
F. Ryan (1997)  Virus X: Tracking the New Killer Plagues
C. Sagan (1997) The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the
S.H. Schneider (1997)  Laboratory Earth: The Planetary Gamble We Can't
Afford to Lose.
P.W. Sherman and J. Alcock (1998) Exploring Animal Behavior
D.P. Starr (1998) Blood: An Epic History of Medicine and Commerce
M. Thompson (1996)  The Cry and the Covenant
P. Ward (1994)  The End of Evolution: A Journey in Search of Clues to
the Third Mass Extinction Facing Planet Earth.
S. Watts (1998)  Epidemics and History: Disease, Power and Imperialism.
R.A. Weinberg (1996)  Racing to the Beginning of the Road: The Search
for the Origin of Cancer
C. Wills (1997)  Yellow Fever, Black Goddess: The Coevolution of People
and Plagues
E.O. Wilson (1992)  The Diversity of Life.
E.O. Wilson (1994) Naturalist.
E.O. Wilson (1996) In Search of Nature
B.E. Zimmerman (1996) Killer Germs: Microbes and Diseases that Threaten

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