Where to find quillworts, Isoetacea?

Bob Boyd rboyd at acesag.auburn.edu
Sun Jan 17 09:52:42 EST 1999

>Here in N Calif, Quillworts are found on vernal pool borders - yes
>they like moist, but not totally wet, habitats. Vernal pools are
>seasonal wetlands (winter/spring only) in Mediterranean climates
>like Calif. So maybe Georgia has some sort of "seasonal wetland"
>situation, and you could look there. Areas flooded part of the
>year, that then dry out? Borders of your big marshes?
>  Good luck! I was thrilled when I first found Isoetes, and was
>able to dissect a specimen and see the microspores/megaspores!
>It's pickled in our Botany lab. - NH
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>>Simple question: where do you find quillworts and what do you look
>>I have never seen, or at least identified, a quillwort. I know there
>>are a couple of species here in Georgia, even at least one endangered
>>one. But how does one go about finding even a "common" one? I've seen
>>the illustrations, but it would seem almost impossible to distinguish
>>one from a clump of grass.
>>Can they be found in fern habitats? Or are their requirements more on
>>the wet side, as in seeps, or stream or pond sides? What do you look
>>for? I realize that to accurately identify to species level probably
>>requires the microscopic inspection of the spores. I'm really not THAT
>>interested. I just would like to find one to say that I've seen one,
>>and so that I know what to look for.
>>Thanks in advance.
>---Nancy Harrison, SRJC Life Sciences, Santa Rosa CA 95401
>   http://www.sonic.net/~vulpia/index.html (with link to CNPS in Sonoma

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