Where to find quillworts, Isoetacea?

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Sun Jan 17 07:40:45 EST 1999

Simple question: where do you find quillworts and what do you look

I have never seen, or at least identified, a quillwort. I know there
are a couple of species here in Georgia, even at least one endangered
one. But how does one go about finding even a "common" one? I've seen
the illustrations, but it would seem almost impossible to distinguish
one from a clump of grass.

Can they be found in fern habitats? Or are their requirements more on
the wet side, as in seeps, or stream or pond sides? What do you look
for? I realize that to accurately identify to species level probably
requires the microscopic inspection of the spores. I'm really not THAT
interested. I just would like to find one to say that I've seen one,
and so that I know what to look for.

Thanks in advance.

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