"Hen & Chicken Fern"

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+Could anyone please advise on the best way to propogate
+a "Hen and Chicken Fern" i.e. Asplenium Bulbiferum.
+I currently have one with lots of seed like forms on the leaves,
+do I use these.

Those "seeds" are bulbils. If you keep watching them they will actually
sprout leaves whilst still on the plant. At this stage you could pull them
off and plant them in a decent seed raising mix in a covered pot (a mini
glasshouse). Or you could try "pinning down" one of the leaves with the
bulbils on and scattering a light layer of "organic" soil over it. When
the bulbils are growing well and sprouting roots of their own you can lift
them and pot them up.

Andy D.

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