Neem Tree Extraction

The Phoenix phoenix at
Mon Jan 25 10:13:48 EST 1999

I am from a College-level Biology class who needs to perform a
group-experiment.  We have chosen to study the Neem Tree.  Although it
is said that the seeds of this tree are much better to work with, we are

unable to obtain a sufficient supply; therefore, we are using the leaves

of this tree.  What I need to know is a proper technique for the
extraction of the chemicals involved in insect control that the Neem
Tree contains.  We have 4 solvents prepared:  Water, ethanol, methanol,
and hexane.  If any other type wouldbe better to use, please let me
know.  We are not exactly sure of what to do after the leaves are placed

in these solvents.  How do we obtain the final product once the solvent
has interacted enough, and how much time does it take?  We have a
ventillator; we thought that maybe evaporation of the solvent would work

through the ventillator, but we fear that some chemical that we
extracted will be lost from it.  Please advise on what to do, thanks in
advance!  Also, please remember to cc. the reply to phoenix at
so that I can get it in my personal mailbox.  Thanks again!

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