Hydro Help: Veggies

Derrick and Debra debraden at iweb.net.au
Sun Jan 24 20:42:44 EST 1999

Dear All,

I am experimenting with vegetables and hydroponic growth . All has gone
completely well without a hitch, until :
Vegetables are at flower stage - when I water them ( I only hand water
at this stage, I do not recirculate ) they seem to grow and remain
healthy, but at the days end when only a little nutrient is left, the
remainder has a smell akin to rotting seaweed - the nutrient goes in
odourless yet comes out a day later quite on the nose .
I suspect I have root rot, does anyone know how this can be eliminated
or if in fact what I describe is a normal occurrance ?
I flush completely old salts away once a week.
Do I attempt to repot after cutting away useless roots ?



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