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Dear Plant-edders:

I would like to get up-to-speed on the discussion of Ôscientific literacy,Õ as 
especially it relates to the life sciences.  I searched BIO-SCI archives for 
this phrase and came up with only two citations, so I hope that I am not 
bringing up something taboo.

My questions pertain more to students who are not in a life-science program and 
to the general public as opposed to those already pursuing knowledge in this 
field.  What currently is thought to constitute Ôscientific literacyÕ and what 
kinds of work have been conducted to assess the success of various educational 
tactics to improve scientific literacy or what is thought to be aspects of it?

I am familiar with ÔThe Myth of Scientific LiteracyÕ (M. Shamos) and ÔScientific
Literacy and the Myth of the Scientific MethodÕ (H. Bauer).  I would appreciate 
recommendations for other books or articles or any thoughts you might like to 
share on the subject.  

If you wish, you may direct responses to me and I will compile reading 
suggestions and comments and submit them to the group following a reasonable 
response period.


Mary Brakke
brakk001 at

Depart. of Agronomy and Plant Genetics
University of Minnesota

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