Edible Flowers

David Hershey dh321 at excite.com
Tue Jul 6 15:01:44 EST 1999

The "Supermarket Botany" article from ABT named just one edible flower,
President Bush's favorite (NOT), broccoli. I have been compiling a list
of edible flowers and thought it might be useful in teaching. Can anyone
add to the list?

Edible flowers:

Capers (pickled flower buds)
Cloves (spice)
Dandelion (dandelion wine)
Honeysuckle (can sip sweet nectar)
Hops (flavors beer)
Nasturtium (petals add color to salads)
Pansy and many other types (candied as decorations for candy and cakes)
Pineapple guava (petals eaten raw alone or in fruit salads)
Saffron (stigmas used as yellow food coloring and flavoring)

Honey (nectar of thousands of species acted on by bees)

David Hershey
dh321 at excite.com

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