Edible Flowers

Bill Purves purves at THUBAN.AC.HMC.EDU
Tue Jul 6 15:55:00 EST 1999

At 04:01 PM 7/6/99 -0400, David Hershey wrote:
>The "Supermarket Botany" article from ABT named just one edible flower,
>President Bush's favorite (NOT), broccoli. I have been compiling a list
>of edible flowers and thought it might be useful in teaching. Can anyone
>add to the list?

My buddy Carl Pike beat me to the squash blossoms, which pop up
frequently on L.A. menus.  Unlike Carl, I *can* taste 'em, and
I've had 'em within the month.

The Italians have long done a nice job of using rose petals as
flavoring for ices (violets, too), and I know I've had candied
rose petals and violet petals.  Of course, that kind of list
(flavor/color ingredients) could probably expand forever.  For
David's (and ABT's) purposes, I imagine we should be thinking
about things we (some of us) eat in bulk, such as cauliflower...


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