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Gene Douglas wrote:
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>  :Gene Douglas wrote:
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>  :> How about:  The sprouted group has absorbed nitrogen and CO2 from the
>  :> atmosphere, which becomes a part of its chemistry?
>  :> At any rate, if two atoms had been fused into a heavier element, they
>  :> wouldn't weigh any more than the same two atoms separately.
>  :
>  :Actually, it would weigh slightly less. In fusing, some of the mass of
>  :the two atoms is converted to a huge amount of energy that would be
>  :released in the fusion process.
>  :
>  :-Andrew Skolnick
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> I suppose if a plant needed to keep warm, setting up a nuclear reaction
> would be the way to do it.

Arum lilies skunk cabbage to Philodendron spp. to Voodoo Bulb to
Amorphophallus are self heating to as much as 40 C.  They short circuit
aerobic respiration with, for instance, salicylate.

This is all a sham, of course.  Light element nuclear fusion is the real
source of heat.  Nothing else is possible!  Millions of children on
earth science field trips killed by radiation poisoning have been
"disappeared" by Official truth in an effort to cover up the free energy
source of the future.
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