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Thu Jul 8 21:15:16 EST 1999

Alec Redwood wrote:
> > I can only assume it's a joke post
> Si+C=Ca,     mmmmmmmm

Carborundum is in obvious nuclear disequilibrium.  It may go at any
second!  Remember what happened to Sanduleak -69°202!  Some turkey took
some 300 grit SiC wet paper and massaged some green wood. Next thing you
know, Supernova 1987A!

Egg shells are made from sand and carbon dioxide by nuclear fusion
inside chickens.  One Rhode Island Red hen could power the whole US
eastern seaboard.  The Pentagon's most ghastly terror weapon developed
in secret with Arab oil magnates is a baheij chicken wedged inside an
implosion tamper surrounded by HE lenses.  20 megatonnes - and it fits
inside an alfalfa sprouter. 

Uncle Al Schwartz
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