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There does seem to be some controversy about whether cauliflower is
really  floral tissue. The Plant Science text by Hartmann et al. says it
is "prefloral fleshy apical meristem tissue." 

A college Horticulture text says the edible part is "malformed or
hypertrophied flowers" and "Hortus Third" calls it the "condensed and
thickened malformed flower cluster." 

David Hershey
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Ross Koning wrote:
> At 9:54 AM -0400 7/7/99, Elaine M. Shea wrote:
> >You can add sage blossoms to the list.  They add color and wonderful flavor
> >to sauces and salads.
> >
> >I was always taught that cauliflower is a trick question.  What we eat is
> >not actually a flower at all, but a proliferation of stem tissue which will
> >flower eventually (in a second season?).  Can someone set me straight?
> >
> >Elaine
> Hi Elaine!
> The "good" part of both fresh cauliflower and broccoli are flower buds that
> will open in just a few days if left attached to the plant (or sometimes
> even if the cut head is placed in a shallow pan of water at room
> temperature!). But, indeed, if you by "cheap" brands of frozen broccoli or
> cauliflower "cuts" or "spears" they have packaged up mostly the stem. When
> you by better brands and/or "florets" you get a higher percentage of flower
> buds in the package. Of course for the best of either of these coles I
> recommend cooking fresh heads from your own garden or from a farmer's
> market.  The flavor difference is AMAZING!
> If you think of broccoli as "little trees" then the trunks are all stem and
> the "leaves" are the flower buds. They are a darker green in color after
> cooking than is the stem. The dark green parts of each flower are the four
> sepals!
> ross
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