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Gene Douglas wrote:
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>  :Gene Douglas wrote:
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>  :> How about:  The sprouted group has absorbed nitrogen and CO2 from the
>  :> atmosphere, which becomes a part of its chemistry?
>  :> At any rate, if two atoms had been fused into a heavier element, they
>  :> wouldn't weigh any more than the same two atoms separately.
>  :
>  :Actually, it would weigh slightly less. In fusing, some of the mass of
>  :the two atoms is converted to a huge amount of energy that would be
>  :released in the fusion process.
>  :
>  :-Andrew Skolnick
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> I suppose if a plant needed to keep warm, setting up a nuclear reaction
> would be the way to do it.

Absolutely. Matter of fact, I just drove by a nuclear plant the other

Kooks. You gotta love them.

Andrew Skolnick

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